Chapter 1 (excerpt from Salvation)

I sat in the waiting room, in the middle of the night, tapping my Adidas sneaker clad foot against the hard tile floor soundlessly. The waiting room was not somewhere I liked to be in. I like things that kept me going. And a waiting room was definitely not one of them. It wasn’t anything... Continue Reading →


Excerpt from Salavation (Prologue)

Everything flashed before my eyes. Everything. My childhood, my family, my friends, my colleagues, my youth, my adulthood. It was like a slideshow, not necessarily in the correct order though, yet it flashed before my eyes.

Quotes from ‘Salvation’

Different is good. Normal is pretty boring. Do what your heart wants, world will agree with what you do once you excel it, they will have to. You just have to know how to choose your path. Once you know, there is no looking back - Salvation, Kuki Rahj To read the whole story, a crime... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Salvation

Excerpt from my debut eBook Salvation   “Our mission is to find out the one who ordered an attack on Sandeep Khanna and what was their motive.” he continued after exchanging initial greetings. “Plan is Agent 870 goes to pose as Khanna’s niece. She joins their company as an employee working under Mr. Khanna himself.... Continue Reading →

Free Giveaway of the debut eBook.

My free giveaway of the debut eBook is live and running. Please do download the books in your kindle libraries, read and review. Don't forget to share the link across, please. I will be waiting for your reviews. All my love x. Download the book from clicking this -> Salvation

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