Hair Styles for 2017

It’s 2017. Winter is almost ready to say a goodbye for next few months. With the winter gone, coming will be spring and summer. And with summer will come the heat. That obnoxiously annoying heat. 

While you plan to buy few new sundresses and comfy shoes and classy sandals, why not give your hair a new look?

Short hair is in fashion now-a-days and it is new trend.

Perrie Edwards has got a new hair cut and so does Kendall Jenner, and we cannot stop gushing over their new looks. 

Following her sister Kylie’s hairstyle, older Jenner sister is just looking more than how beautiful she is already is, well if only that’s possible!

She definitely loves to keep it a mystery as she posts a teasing picture of her newly cut hair ends on her Snapchat story.

Kendall Jenner at LFW 2017 backstage.

And how can we forget about Selena’s new look with her wearing a red sweater and a perfect winged eye-make up and hair newly cut into lob?  Here is she killing with her new looks.

She definitely knows how to wear her make up and hair just perfectly.

So don’t think twice. If you don’t want your hair too short you can go with this medium lob. It doesn’t look to short and but definitely makes you feel good after a new hair makeover 

A medium lob that you will definitely love this summer.

Let’s just agree lob is one of the best in-style fashion now a days. While you can always keep your hair open anytime you want it, you can also put it up in a high ponytail while you’re going for a formal meeting.

For a Friday night out with friends you can put it up in half updo or let it down naturally curling them or putting some beach waves on.
While lob in fashion, let’s not forget about textured lob which is just as classy as the name itself.

Just look at it and I fell in love with this. Few weeks ago I even got mine hair cut into textured lob. And boy, do I love it.

This summer give yourself a major makeover with your hair. You will love these fashion trends, I promise you. Because life is too short to keep doing the same things. Change your hairstyle and love yourself more than before.
Stay classy

Kuki ❤


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