Shoes for a casual day

You have to go out on your off day and let’s admit it that no one likes it. So you don’t feel like dressing up. You wore your comfortable tee and a leggings, now what about shoes? Do you know people tends to look at your feet first even before they start noticing your clothes? Yup, you heard it right. Most people, even I, looks at what shoes others are wearing before they move their eyes to your clothes. So be careful what you wear on feet. It as important as what clothes you wear.

So,today let’s discuss about shoes for a casual day, when you have to go out to get your errands done.

No one likes too much in a relaxing day. So idea of wearing a pair of high heels just fly out the window, like that in a snap of a finger.

So why not try these? Look at these beauties we’ve got here.

This pair of sneakers from VANS just looks super comfy. If you’re wearing a maroon or a brown shirt, isn’t it a perfect footwear to select? It looks relaxing and even makes your feet feel the same. Just look how beautiful this pair is.

If you feel like that the colour is too dull on the first one, look at this pair. It suits with a maroon tee you might be wearing for a day out or even with your favorite grey melange top. The contrast of this pair is really eye catching.

Slip-ons are just a to-go with any kind of dress.

These slip-ons from VANS are as comfy if not more as they looks. After a long week at work wearing high heels, this is just perfect for a weekend getaway. Just slip it on and let your feet relax, because they need it after a week long on heels.

If you feel like you’re gonna get a weekend walking on the country side jusy by yourself this pair will give you life. Nike has this pair so beautifully made that it would make you fall in love with this casual pair of shoes.

My personal favourite, because come on who doesn’t like converse and black and white sneakers? 

These are God’s gift to human race. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, be it your casual fit and flare gorgette dress, or a simple crop top paired with your any coloured jeans or denims, converse are here to save your life. It’s my favorite because I can wear it with anything and everything. If I could I wear them even on my wedding. Lol. 😂 Because they are just more than perfect.

So here are some footwear to save you from your boring everyday lifestyle. A weekend in this casual shoes can actually give you happiness of life. 

Okay I might be exaggerating, but hey who’s complaining. Right?

It’s just so necessary to always wear a good pair of shoes and what can be better than sneakers and converse and slip-ons?

Choose your footwear carefully, it matters a lot.

Stay beautiful.

All my love. x

K ❤


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