Book Review : Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma

I read Savi Sharma’s Everyone Has A Story’ few days ago, but never got time to write a review for it.

What first pulled me towards the book was its cover. The white background with title written in red is very attractive. It just so appealing.

Second thing was the dedication.

This story is “Dedicated to ‘You’ ” said no one ever before. It felt like the writer instantly connected with her audience. I mean can we appreciate how the writer put all efforts in the book and dedicated to her readers? Whilst she could have dedicated it to her loved ones, her near and dear ones. It tells how awesome the story will be.

I could relate to the lead characters at so many levels. Felt like Sharma has seen right through me, like my mind was made of transparent glass and made Meera based of me. Her dream of becoming a writer, her looking around for ‘that perfect story’ to tell the world, connects to me, right off the bat.

Also, Vivaan the traveller, I reckon so many people would find him relatable for the fact he wants to travel. He wants to just go and go, from one place to another then to another. I like the way Sharma describes why Vivaan wants to travel and how he actually wants to connect to the people of places he goes.

Kabir, is that one friend that everyone needs in their life but may not have. Vivaan and Meera are lucky enough that have that jewel whom they calls their friend. I liked Kabir, how he was so strong after Vivaan was gone. I wouldn’t be lying when I say it was for Kabir, that Meera held herself together during those painful times for her.
Nisha, her appearance wasn’t more in the story, but the times she appeared she taught us not to give up on life. She taught us there is a silver lining in every cloud, we just have to know where to look.
This book taught me not to give up on my dreams, to be strong enough to pursue what I actually want. This is a truly a master piece and a must read when you lack inspiration and motivation in your life. Sharma just knows what she is doing and she is doing it the best way possible.
Thank you Savi Sharma for taking out time to write this and helping me and many others out there not to give up on dreams.

With love,

Kuki Sharav.


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