Outfit for a day out in winter!

Few days ago, when I went for a day out with my school friends, I was so confused as what to wear. Provided the fact that, even though it is shivering cold outside during the morning but as the day set in motion with the heat from the sun increases it really becomes harder to get the day on with that otherwise super comfy wool Continue reading “Outfit for a day out in winter!”


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Book Review : Everyone Has A Story by Savi Sharma

I read Savi Sharma’s Everyone Has A Story’ few days ago, but never got time to write a review for it.

What first pulled me towards the book was its cover. The white background with title written in red is very attractive. It just so appealing.

Second thing was the dedication.

This story is “Dedicated to ‘You’ ” said no one ever before. It felt like the writer instantly connected with her audience. I mean can we appreciate how the writer put all efforts in the book and dedicated to her readers? Whilst she could have dedicated it to her loved ones, her near and dear ones. It tells how awesome the story will be.

I could relate to the lead characters at so many levels. Felt like Sharma has seen right through me, like my mind was made of transparent glass and made Meera based of me. Her dream of becoming a writer, her looking around for ‘that perfect story’ to tell the world, connects to me, right off the bat.

Also, Vivaan the traveller, I reckon so many people would find him relatable for the fact he wants to travel. He wants to just go and go, from one place to another then to another. I like the way Sharma describes why Vivaan wants to travel and how he actually wants to connect to the people of places he goes.

Kabir, is that one friend that everyone needs in their life but may not have. Vivaan and Meera are lucky enough that have that jewel whom they calls their friend. I liked Kabir, how he was so strong after Vivaan was gone. I wouldn’t be lying when I say it was for Kabir, that Meera held herself together during those painful times for her.
Nisha, her appearance wasn’t more in the story, but the times she appeared she taught us not to give up on life. She taught us there is a silver lining in every cloud, we just have to know where to look.
This book taught me not to give up on my dreams, to be strong enough to pursue what I actually want. This is a truly a master piece and a must read when you lack inspiration and motivation in your life. Sharma just knows what she is doing and she is doing it the best way possible.
Thank you Savi Sharma for taking out time to write this and helping me and many others out there not to give up on dreams.

With love,

Kuki Sharav.

Shoes for a casual day

You have to go out on your off day and let’s admit it that no one likes it. So you don’t feel like dressing up. You wore your comfortable tee and a leggings, now what about shoes? Do you know people tends to look at your feet first even before they start noticing your clothes? Yup, you heard it right. Most people, even I, looks at what shoes others are wearing before they move their eyes to your clothes. So be careful what you wear on feet. It as important as what clothes you wear.

So,today let’s discuss about shoes for a casual day, when you have to go out to get your errands done.

No one likes too much in a relaxing day. So idea of wearing a pair of high heels just fly out the window, like that in a snap of a finger.

So why not try these? Look at these beauties we’ve got here.

This pair of sneakers from VANS just looks super comfy. If you’re wearing a maroon or a brown shirt, isn’t it a perfect footwear to select? It looks relaxing and even makes your feet feel the same. Just look how beautiful this pair is.

If you feel like that the colour is too dull on the first one, look at this pair. It suits with a maroon tee you might be wearing for a day out or even with your favorite grey melange top. The contrast of this pair is really eye catching.

Slip-ons are just a to-go with any kind of dress.

These slip-ons from VANS are as comfy if not more as they looks. After a long week at work wearing high heels, this is just perfect for a weekend getaway. Just slip it on and let your feet relax, because they need it after a week long on heels.

If you feel like you’re gonna get a weekend walking on the country side jusy by yourself this pair will give you life. Nike has this pair so beautifully made that it would make you fall in love with this casual pair of shoes.

My personal favourite, because come on who doesn’t like converse and black and white sneakers? 

These are God’s gift to human race. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, be it your casual fit and flare gorgette dress, or a simple crop top paired with your any coloured jeans or denims, converse are here to save your life. It’s my favorite because I can wear it with anything and everything. If I could I wear them even on my wedding. Lol. 😂 Because they are just more than perfect.

So here are some footwear to save you from your boring everyday lifestyle. A weekend in this casual shoes can actually give you happiness of life. 

Okay I might be exaggerating, but hey who’s complaining. Right?

It’s just so necessary to always wear a good pair of shoes and what can be better than sneakers and converse and slip-ons?

Choose your footwear carefully, it matters a lot.

Stay beautiful.

All my love. x

K ❤

7 Hair-do for short hair!

As much we like our short hair to be let down as it is, I think we all can agree that the same hairstyle everyday is not really attractive. After every few days, we would like to give it a new updo. But the problem is what do we do with so short hair? We definitely cannot put it in a braid or in a top bun.
So here are some hairdos that can help you to overcome your short hair not-so-attractive hairstyles. Most of them are easy and can be done in like 5 to 10 minutes at most.

1. The twisted half-do

The simple twist to the back

This is like one of the easiest style you can put on your short hair. All you have to do is take a section of hair from one side and split it into two sections. Wrap both the sections around each other to form a twist and keep doing it till you reach the back of your crown. Do the same on the other side and tie both the sections with an elastic. Spray some hairspray if you want. Bam! That’s it. You are good to go out for the day.
2. Side braid.

The classy side braid look.

While you can always try side braid, why not put the braid in an inverted one? Instead of putting sections over each other to get the braid out it underneath each other at one side of your head. It is simple, neat and look beautiful in any colored hair. That is it doesn’t matter what colour your hair is, try this. You won’t be disappointed.
3. Low rolled updo

Elegant! Ain’t it? Try this low rolled updo

This is not actually for short hair, instead it is more of for medium hair. This low rolled updo is in fashion, for whenever you want to ditch your all too boring bun for your formal meetings, or for daily office hair for that matter. Why not try this instead? It is elegant and not too fashionable at the same time. Perfect for your office work. And not too hard to do this. Here see the procedure.

Step by step that rolled updo.

Try this look the next time you want to put something for a change for your daily office hair.
4. Waterfall braid.

This waterfall braid is a go-to.

This waterfall braid is a to-go look for a casual day. If you want your a little-too-long-for-bangs hair out of your face for the day, go with this one. It’s simple yet helps you to keep small hair out of your eyes while you do your day’s work.
5. Messy twists

Short hairstyle with messy twists

I think no can deny that messy hairstyles will never get old. This gives you an incredibly sexy look when put your hair into a messy top knot or in a messy braid. Then why not try this messy twists? Bangs are since long gone now. So you have got hair in bangs when they were in-style and now those bangs are too long to keep it open and too short to put it behind your ear? I understand your struggle. 

Instead of putting those bangs pinned up try this messy twist. Take two sections of hair and twist them individually. Then put this twist parallely pinned into your wavy hair. Tannna! It’s a magical look.
6. Wavy hair. Just let be it!

And then you can just let it be.

While at it, let’s talk about how you can just let your hair down and keep it just as it is. Or may be you could do some loose waves on it. And yeah, you’re good to go.

7. Last but not the least. Half bun.

Named as Hun i.e Half-bun, ain’t this hair updo really a hun?

Can we just talk about how graceful this hairstyle really is? All you have to do is straighten your hair and take upper part of your hair, as much as you desire and put it in a bun. If you’re too lazy (which I am) to go for something time consuming, do this. It is classy and just too good looking.
Try these let me know how did you like it.

Stay beautiful.

All my love.

K ❤

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